Studio apartments with design interior in Moscow
from 2500$

Why should you choose us?
Согласованная законная перепланировка. Полный пакет документов. Нотариальное сопровождение сделки.
Great start point
It's much cheaper than room. It's a good capital for a future.
Great central location. It is just 2 minutes' of subway. There is a bathroom, kitchen area and bedroom.
Become a owner of studio apartment!
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Как мы работаем?
Выбор объекта
Наша компания приобретает объекты недвижимости в районах с развитой инфраструктурой в 3-10 минутах от метро. Согласовывает перепланировку, делит их на мини-студии. Делает жилье с пропиской в Москве доступным.
Поиск владельцев
Наши специалисты помогают вам подобрать объект, проверить юридическую чистоту объектов документов и организуют нотариальное сопровождение сделки.
Заселение в новую квартиру
В результате вы получаете квартиру-студию со своим кухонным блоком, санузлом и ванной по цене в 2 раза дешевле, чем приобретение комнаты. Этот вариант подойдет как для собственного проживания, так и для сдачи в аренду.
About us
YardCapital includes several buildings company, investment division, department of law, consultancy, marketing and estimating branches.

We offer a canned solution. We will consider all your wishes and find approporiate object, prepare all documents and make arrangements about notarial contract.

Probably you would be interested in our investment projects. Tap here for getting more information.Probably you would be interested in our investment projects.
Petra Ecaker
What can I say about this company. Firs of all is competence of people. They helped me to buy an apartment in very short period of time. Second of all is focus on customer. They found a good varients with all my requirement. It deserves applouse!!!
I was abcolutely sured that I will never do it by myself and I will need help. So I called to YardCapital and was absolutely satisfied. They gave me all information about buying and prepared everything. Thank you guys! Wish you luck and success!
Mark Wind
That's for sure is a great relable company. I was grateful to have a business with people who works there. Everythig was absolutely perfect. I can definitely reccomend
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